Professional kickboxer, and HR assistant


Kickboxing or the
power of kindness


This dynamic 21-year-old London girl, of mixed Barbadian and Jamaican origin, literally packs a punch! When she is not working as an HR assistant, Amani is just buzzing… around the ring! Respect has become her personal motto, and she has successfully reconciled her two jobs. With a smile, she swings into action!

First off, her story begins with her mother enrolling her (and her sister) in a karate school when she was only 8 years old, so that she might learn how to defend herself. She told us that she practiced this sport for two years, before her interest faded away. But then, at the age of 15, she discovered kickboxing — a sport that she chose herself. And she fell in love with it! To her, it soon became a tool for emancipation, reenergizing her body and releasing stress. She explained to us that, after she has put on her boxing gloves, all that matters is only: respect for her competitor, and self-discipline. When she enters the ring, Amani is often pushed to her limits, but she always stays in control of herself.

Besides, she does sometimes have to fight against… men! However, even if their punches are generally more powerful, men are by no means the fiercest adversaries, as she playfully confessed to us. “The bigger they are, the easier it gets to dodge them!”

Respect for her skills


When she fights in the ring, she is considered and respected for her skills.

Her dream is to become a kickboxing instructor. She wants to make the martial art more appealing to women. Gradually, people’s perception of women in the playfield is changing. If only all women in the world were able to defend themselves, whether physically or socially, she says. But not only that. They should also be allowed to have the same dreams, and reach the same goals, as their male counterparts. Without being criticized nor held back.


What gets under her skin ?

As any sportswoman worthy of that name, Amani has no fear of sweat. However, she is aware of the fact that perspiration is far from being inconsequential for her skin… and that annoys her. Indeed, as a result of sweating during sports, her skin pores are opened and therefore, are more likely to accumulate filth from her gloves.