A photographer


Highlight the poetry
of the ordinary

In my humble way, I wanted to change the way women look at themselves

Amélie’s got a sharp eye – after carefully studying the room’s luminosity, she now  adapts the angle of her shot, and adjusts her model’s pose. A light pressure on the shutter button and, with a snap of her fingers, time seems to freeze! As you may have guessed, the young French mommy, based in Lyon (east-central France), is a photographer. Her camera’s flash is what makes her thrill, and she has built a new life around her passion. Indeed, she chose to leave behind a thirteen-year-long career in communication to dedicate herself fully to her art. She told us how bold and outgoing her family and friends know her to be; for this reason, her decision was anything but surprising to them.

As a child already, she used to take pictures of her holiday activities and other family gatherings, camera in hand. Once a mother, she would take photographs of her children only for the fun of it, and soon enough, people started contacting her to immortalize weddings or any such memorable events of life. Today, Amélie earns a living out of photography. She says she has found the stability, the sense of meaningfulness she was seeking to achieve through her job.

The young woman also nurtures an artist’s soul, and is involved in a number of feminist projects. Besides,  she is currently organizing an exhibition in which she wants to celebrate women’s natural diversity and beauty(ies), and also, empower women to speak openly about their bodies, still corseted by norms and taboos. Using social media, she managed to gather together 50 models of all heights, sizes and races, as a tribute to the female body. “In my humble way, I wanted to change the way women look at themselves, to show them portraits in which they could recognize themselves, without trying to smooth away the small imperfections that make us real women”, she explained. So far, the exhibition has been a great success, and has united many women around true bodies which, although their own, they must learn to accept and love. As a way of supporting her cause, new brands are now actively collaborating with her.

Her dream is to further develop her artistic career. Whether she’s working on a personal project or on wedding photos, Amélie knows how lucky she is to have such a beautiful job. In it, she finds a sense of community, a way to share and pass on memories, to keep a trace of all these emotional moments in a lifetime. Amongst the portraits forming part of the exhibition, she has also placed a photo of herself, as the other models prompted her to do. It includes her personal motto: “Believe in yours dreams, and they might come true; believe in yourself, and they must come true”.


What impact on her skin?

Amélie knows one thing for sure: every woman is unique, and so is her skin. What she likes about Sensibio H2O, is the micellar water’s efficacy when it comes to removing make-up, as it never irritates the skin. Indeed, during a photo shoot, it is often necessary to take off one’s make-up several times in a row.