A businesswoman and a young mother


Working mom:
a full-time job

“Find your balance.” That’s Amy’s motto

Amy, originally from London, has been a French resident for several years now. She took a pause in the middle of her busy schedule to tell us how she succeeds in reconciling her hectic professional life with her other job – being a mom.

 After graduation, she left her native England and embarked on an epic professional journey, which led her to reinvent herself day after day. She lived for two years in Casablanca, went back to university after settling in France, then spent four months in Malaysia… She was, alternatively, a banking consultant, a student, a business manager in the field of computing, and head of private label brands for an international company.

 But then, one day, Amy wanted a change in her life. She laid down her hat in Lyon, and joined our Bioderma team to work as an international sales manager. Developing her career is the goal that she has set for herself: her life, Amy truly chose it, she thrives in this dynamic environment, doing her job that embodies her total independence.

Sixteen months ago, she became the proud mother of a little girl. On a daily basis, balancing her career with her personal life is paramount for her. Also, her personal experience led her to the following conclusion: to harmoniously reconcile these two aspects of her life, empathy and transparency are two crucial elements that are reflected in, for example, the sharing of chores at home, transparency to her colleagues at work, dedication to her job, the support she gets from her husband. “Find your balance.” That’s Amy’s motto.

 Of course, it was anything but easy for her to travel far from her family in the beginning, but retrospectively, she now considers herself happy that she can rely on her husband and trust him to look after the baby when she’s abroad. Being a young mom, traveling, having a career… For sure, Amay has found the secret to live her life as she likes, without limiting herself. For the time being, she expects to stay in Lyon, a city that is very pleasant for its quality of life and its proximity to London, where her parents live.


What impact on her skin?

As a businesswoman, Amy has to repeat her make-up routine every day, and due to her many travels abroad, fatigue and brutal climate variations can have a negative impact on her skin. With Sensiobio H2O, Amy has found exactly what she needs: a micellar water that eliminates 99% of make-up (even the thickest layers), as well as 98% of fine particles due to pollution. Sensibio H2O is now the market leader in its category, and is widely recommended — first of all in the dermatological and pharmaceutical field, and also in the artistic.