A student and rugby championess


When strength and femininity
combat as one woman

Being a professional sportswoman AND a pretty woman are a 100% compatible; there’s no contradiction whatsoever.

We met Leila on the lawn of her local rugby stadium, which is a true home for her. She was wearing her club’s colors, with studs on her shoes. The 21-year-old Frenchy has been a rugbywoman for only five years, but due to her unwavering motivation, she’s already won the title of Academic Champion.

She often gives her testimony to groups of teenagers and/or during public events, where she tries to change people’s mindset about women in sports, by showing them that being a professional sportswoman is anything but paradoxical – and as a matter of fact, Leila’s combativity doesn’t take away her glamour, to say the least !

Besides her career in sports, she is also a university student and coaches her own team with both male and female teenagers. If you ask Leila, there’s no doubt that in order to be taken for earnest, women must really show what they’ve got and work twice as hard at proving themselves as any man. She therefore encourages all the girls in her team to follow their dreams and get as many professional opportunities as the boys. Girls should also be able to choose their own careers, even in sports.

However, Leila’s choice to be a rugbywoman did come as a surprise for many, and especially for her parents. She told us that the word ‘rugby’ still conjures up the image of a violent and dangerous sport. For sure, the young woman has no fear of physical contact… the rugby field is not for the faint-hearted! But there is so much more to rugby than that. Team spirit, strategy, the euphoria of pushing yourself to the limit… these are all essential things too, which are seldom spoken about.


What impact on her skin?

During her training sessions outdoors, Leila is constantly under the assault of pollen. This invisible foe makes her skin reactive – that’s why a specific product is needed for her. Leila’s sensitive skin must be thoroughly cleansed. Sensibio H2O effectively eliminates sweat, fine particles and also, pollen.