A student and climbing championess


A summit meeting

When you’re up there climbing, you don’t think of anything else.

If you want a chat with Nailé, you need to be up to it! We met the 16-year-old girl out in the wilderness, on the beautiful cliffs overlooking Lake Bourget, in the French Alps. Don’t forget your climbing harness and shoes!

In mid-air – that’s where Nailé feels at home. The young French championess is literally ascending, somewhere in between the ground and the sky, up against the rock wall. To her, things have always been crystal-clear: she was born for climbing, and doesn’t even remember at what age she started. “At three or four”, she said, hesitantly. The truth is, climbing has always been a family thing; she’s practiced her sport with her brothers and her sister for as long as she can remember. When she was only twelve, she joined the French national team. Since then, her achievements have been many: winner of the French bouldering championship in 2017 and 2018, head of the European Cup competitions in the same discipline, vice-world champion in 2018… and so much more. Quite dizzying, isn’t it?`

Yet, Nailé has her two feet on the ground. She has managed to balance her passion with her studies in a specialized school for teenage athletes. There, the young girl has been granted an adjusted schedule so that she may spare time for her training hours. In spite of her impressive achievements, she does not wish to make a job out of climbing, although the sport will always be a major part of her life, for sure. “When you’re up there climbing, you don’t think of anything else; you’re just enjoying the moment, being here and now, with your friends”, she told us with a smile. Whether outdoors or indoors, up against a natural cliffside or an artificial rock wall, Nailé lives out her passion to the fullest! And for that, she can rely on the support, kindness and respect of her family and friends.


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