A mechanic and
motorcycle championess


Ride for life,
live for riding

You only have one life, and you must make the best of it, make choices for yourself and not for others… and never hesitate to take risks.

When you meet Sophia, the first thing that strikes you is the warmth that emanates from her, this kind of sprightliness, as if she herself were turbine-driven! And also, this little German accent of hers… Truly, the young Coloness was born for speed and movement!

She fell in love with the motorbike at the age of 9, while on holiday in Italy. Her cousin let her ride with him on his motorbike, and that ignited the spark. After a year of stubborn insistence on her part, her family was eventually convinced, and she was given her first motorbike for her tenth birthday.

Sophia learned the basics of this discipline with her father but soon enough, the student surpassed the master, and started riding on her own in races and championships. In those early days, and in the absence of any women’s categories in motorcycle competitions, she would ride alongside male competitors; and won no less than four championships, then. In 2014, at the age of 17, she even participated in the German Championships and ranked in the top 5, even after she had missed a few races due to the fact that she was sitting a series of exams at the same time.

From then on, Sophia made the choice to dedicate her whole life to the motorbike, her true passion, which also became her full-time job. She won’t describe it as a ‘career’, though; to her, it is all about pleasure, and she doesn’t wish to make it a lifelong profession.

When we met Sophia, she was – of course – on the racing circuit, training there with her boyfriend, also a top professional biker. When she is not competing, Sophia works as a mechanic and manager for him. She told us about her early career, how difficult it was, when she was forced to give up her femininity and dress like a boy in order to be taken for earnest, and not be associated with the ‘pin-up’ cliché of the female mechanic. Today, she no longer needs to prove anything to anyone; whatever people may think of her, she doesn’t mind. Just let them talk…

Sophia’s motto is: you only have one life, and you must make the best of it, make choices for yourself and not for others. She put her theory to the test when she decided to leave her quiet life in Germany to dedicate herself to her passion in France.


What impact on her skin?

Sophia’s skincare rituals are very demanding because her skin is constantly assaulted by heavy metals. Their accumulation on her skin disturbs the balance of its natural flora and might eventually destroy it. With Sensibio H2O, her skin is perfectly cleansed and refreshed.